Sponsorship Opportunities


As Conference Convener, the Centre for Law Enforcement and Public Health and its major conference partners are realists. We recognise that the demands are daunting on government, non-government  and commercial organisations for sponsorship of a vast range of activities. We also realise that, whilst this conference is only the fourth in the series, it has attracted extraordinary interest and support. This issue of law enforcement and public health is fundamental in planning for safe and secure communities. This conference is one of few opportunities to focus on the research and practice that underpins the issue. LEPH2018 continues to be a ground-breaking venture. And the challenge of enhancing both law enforcement and public health as a critical partnership for any community is a challenge worth addressing.


The opportunity to provide sponsorship support for LEPH2018 requires a very modest commitment. But we anticipate that sponsorship partners will benefit greatly by being part of an exciting event exploring important new social partnerships. We hope you will be encouraged to partner us on the journey with LEPH2018 and future events.


More details: LEPH2018 Partnership Prospectus