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The Centre for Law Enforcement and Public Health (CLEPH)

The Centre for Law Enforcement and Public Health (CLEPH) was established by a group of interested and expert individuals for the purpose of pursuing projects and advancing knowledge in the joint fields of policing and other law enforcement and the many aspects of public health.

CLEPH is building a focus on the understanding of the nature of this relationship, as a partnership between the public health, academic and law enforcement worlds. Recognising that the social and structural determinants of health operate at every level, the focus of CLEPH’s vision ranges from the very local to the global. In collaboration with others around the world, CLEPH is building capacity, interest and activities across the whole range of investigation and influence: research, teaching, advocacy, networking (including peer support and education), and engagement with other sectors/disciplines.

The hallmark of CLEPH’s program is partnership with law enforcement, and its emphasis is on the translation of research and knowledge into action and practice.