Breaking Down the Barriers –   

Not only do the criminal justice and public health sectors need to work together. They need to learn together. Hear Edmonton Police Officer James Clover reflect on “learning and education” and others address the issue of overcoming barriers and improving intersectoral education.

Session summary for M10 on Wednesday 24 October 2018 – see more on the Conference Program

Crossing the divide: searching for innovations in learning between Criminal Justice and Public Health            

Core barriers identified in criminal justice, law enforcement and public health literatures is the divide between occupations, such as working in silos, professional misperceptions and demands for resources. These all serve to impede effective practice and innovation.  One way to achieve this is to effectively develop ways. Panel members will draw on their own experience of training and education in the field of Criminal Justice and Public Health and discuss how to overcome barriers and improve training and education for practitioners in both fields. Note: This session is intended to provide opportunities to  establish a network of interested parties in developing a Special Interest Group of the Global Law Enforcement and Public Health Association focusing on Education and Training.